The Initiatic Inter-Tribal Altar

We work with an InterSpiritual, universalist approach to sharing the Wisdom Traditions of humanity; one that is open to all the ancestral cultures of Planet Earth and integrates Initiatic teachings from all directions — within a comprehensive new-paradigm framework for safely and effectively expanding consciousness. In this way, we facilitate transformational practices from the North, East, South, and West, which have been passed down through generations.

T’ai Chi Ch’uan Martial Arts

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“T’ai Chi Ch’uan” (also known as “Taijiquan”) is a practical application of Qi Gong, through the Martial Art of “un-fighting”. The first principle of T’ai Chi is to relax, even if the energy is intense. T’ai Chi is an Internal Martial Art — which means that, instead of using external force, it trains us in an internal alchemy of transmutation, which eventually enables us to overcome even the hardest obstacles of resistance with softness and fluidity. Teaching us to exercise awareness, perceive directly, and to remain simultaneously both soft and upright, T’ai Chi can be used as an ongoing path of spiritual, psychological, and physical development.

Qigong Energy Work

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“Qi Gong” literally means “Energy Work” and involves the movement of subtle energies through somatic practices, while harnessing awareness and conducting the vital life-force through the “Dan Tiens” (energetic centers) and “Meridians” (energetic passageways) of one’s being… thus learning to become a conduit between the Heaven and the Earth. Qi Gong is a powerful method for exploring the nature of reality, healing ailments and releasing tensions of body, mind, and soul.

Primordial Breathwork Practice

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Primordial Breathwork is a shamanic practice of deep catharsis and liberation, accompanied by rhythmic movement and vocalization. Designed to alchemically eliminate the imprints and blockages in every Chakra, this particular Primordial Breathwork technique comes from the Paititi Institute for the Preservation of Indigenous Culture and Ecology in the Peruvian Andes, where Yasha once lived. Yasha has received the direct encouragement of Roman Hanis and the Paititi Institute to facilitate Primordial Breathwork practices, as adapted from the Huitoto nation of the Amazon rainforest.

Ceremonial Cacao Medicine

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Cacao is a sacred plant medicine from Central and South America. It has a strong effect on both the physical and the subtle bodies. Cacao awakens and stills the mind, opens and activates the heart, and stimulates and clears the cardiovascular channels. Since time immemorial, Native cultures like the Maya have been well-aware of its potent spirit and its healing capacities. As an “unconditional love potion”, Cacao increases one’s sense of connectedness to the greater whole, helping the practitioner to cultivate an ever deeper state of heart-centered awareness and integral well-being.

Dream Yoga & Dream Interpretation



Soul-Gazing Partner Practice

Designed to cultivate universal appreciation, forgiveness, understanding, patience, compassion, and good will through the remembrance of our shared essence, this powerful partner meditation has roots in various Wisdom Traditions, including Sufism (the mystical path of Love). Ultimately, it is the practice of becoming a clear mirror and learning to recognize each other as fractal reflections of our own selves and of the full spectrum of our own innate potentials.

Meditation & Visualization Techniques

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Sufi Dhikr Remembrance Practices

Sacred Sound Invocations

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Sound holds the key to the secret alphabet of the universal language of nature and through invocation of divine names and the pronunciation and repition of sacred syllables and magical formulae we are able to open the way into  traditional prayers & sacred songs. These sacred invocations will form the underlying tapestry to hold space and support the container of the ceremony, and to show respect and give thanks for the guidance and protection of the ancestral lineages, and for the support and blessing of the elemental and spiritual presences.