Gateway of the East

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Due to years of dedicated practice, Yasha has received explicit authorization to facilitate T’ai Chi martial arts & Qi Gong exercises from his Sifus, Beth and Lee, of the Rocky Mountain School of T’ai Chi Ch’uan (“Taijiquan”), which is in the direct transmission lineage of Professor Cheng Man-ch’ing (“Zheng Manqing”)… Learn More

Gateway of the South


Due to years of dedicated and continuous practice, Yasha has received direct authorization to facilitate Primordial Breathwork modalities for psychosomatic healing and catharsis, as adapted from the tribal rites of the Huitoto nation of the upper Amazon in South America by his elder brother Roman Hanis, co-founder of the Paititi Institute of Peru for the Preservation of Indigenous Culture and Ecology… Learn More

Gateway of the West


Due to years of dedicated practice, Yasha has received explicit authorization to share InterSpiritual Sufi Zikr (“Dhikr”) remembrance practices from his Murshid, Pir Netanel (Mu’in ad-Din) Miles-Yépez, the current head of the Inayati-Maimuni Order, which is an ancient Sufi-Hasidic initiatic tradition of living wisdom, originating in Egypt, and stemming through the direct transmission lineage of world-renowned, new-paradigm Rabbi Zalman Shachter-Shalomi… Learn More

Gateway of the North


Due to years of dedicated practice, Yasha has received explicit authorization to facilitate workshops and healing rituals from his Teacher, Maestro Manuel Rufino of the Golden Drum community, a Taino Elder, initiatic master, and keeper of the Intertribal Altar, which integrates the shamanic and esoteric teachings of indigenous mystery schools from around the world within a universal Aquarian framework, with a special focus on Native American traditions… Learn More

Academic Scholarship



Yasha also holds an accredited Bachelor’s Degree from the Department of World Wisdom Traditions at Naropa University, the world’s leading institution in Contemplative Education, which was co-founded by Allen Ginsberg and Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche. Yasha’s major concentrations included Kabbalah, Buddhist meditation, Interspiritual meditations, mystical experience, independent study, Martial Arts, and interdisciplinary approaches to Dreamwork and dream interpretation… Learn More

Having graduated from Naropa, Yasha is now pursuing doctoral studies at Pacifica Graduate Institute, via their accelerated Masters to PhD program in Depth Psychology: Jungian and Archetypal Studies… Learn More

Background Experience


Gateway of the East

  • Refuge in the Three Jewels with Root Lama — Khenchen Rinpoche Drupon Trinley Paljor — a chief lineage holder of the Kagyu school
  • Manjusri Empowerment and Direct Transmission with Khenchen Rinpoche
  • Initiation into Tibetan Yoga-Tantra through Secret Refuge in the Vajrayana
  • Medicine Buddha Empowerment and Direct Transmission
  • Green Tara ceremonies, Mahamudra teachings, and Avalokiteshvara meditations
  • Ten-day silent Goenka Vipassana retreat
  • Working as Karma Yogi at Sivananda Ashram, Yoga Ranch, Advaita Vedanta Center
  • Ayurvedic
  • Hindu Yoga-Tantr

Gateway of the West

  • Initiation into the Inayati Sufi Healer’s Order
  • Season of the Rose Sufi Summer School with Pir Zia Inayat-Khan

Gateway of the South

  • Traditional Kofan Colombian healing rites
  • Cultural immersion in Quechua and and Q’ero (Q’iru) communities
  • Introductory study with Shipibo curandera
  • Contact with Brazilian healing traditions
  • 6 months work-trade at Paititi Institute in Peru
  • Shamanic Permaculture Course at Paititi Institute
  • Embody True Nature Consciousness Transformation Retreat at Paititi Institute
  • Primordial Breathwork Immersion with Paititi Institute
  • Form & Formless Retreat with Paititi Institute
  • Cacao Ceremonies and Breathwork with Paititi Institute

Gateway of the North

  • Traditional Yuwipi ceremony with Lakota elder
  • Traditional Tipi, Inipi, and Hanbleceya initiations
  • Traditional Huichol fire ceremonies and Marakami blessings
  • Contact with South Western Pueblo traditions, Native pueblo teachers, Navajo teachers, Hopi traditions
  • Contact with